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A BIT OF HONEY represents trendy children/tween clothing selling to specialty stores and department stores. The owner, Honey Smith, grew up around the garment center. She started in sales working in a family embroidery business during the summers of high school. The job entailed running around showing embroidery patterns to designers and after college, she worked for her family for eight years. The hard work, discipline, and creativity that she learned from her family laid the foundation for what became her company, A BIT OF HONEY.

Our Story

A BIT OF HONEY, now 34 years young, is still standing strong. A new showroom, great staff and fabulous clothing manufacturers are what makes this organization unique and outstanding.

A BIT OF HONEY aims to always service our customers . We make it a point to make everyone feel comfortable when they come in to work, and to make sure they have a good laugh with us.​


Congratulations to Honey Smith for receiving Earnshaw's Hall of Fame Award!

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